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About Us

Arizona Professional Educators (AZPE) was founded on a professional philosophy that emphasizes Professional Excellence, Cooperation, Personal Excellence, Local Control, Right-To-Learn, and Freedom to Teach.

All organizational activities and decisions are focused on this philosophy and empowering teachers to achieve excellence.

Our Mission

The Arizona Professional Educators is a organization of professionals that encourages/promotes fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education.


Board of Directors

  • Rebecca Rayburn – President
  • Jo Little – Treasurer
  • Mary Schuett – Secretary
  • Frances O’Leary – Board Member
  • Darlene Shaw – Board Member
  • LeeAnn Pocock – Board Member
  • Ken Simmons – Board Member
  • Kerstin Hadzik – CFO
  • Leah Esmont – Executive Director
  • Debby Jones – Executive Assistant