Professional, Associate and Student Teacher memberships are open to persons employed in Arizona by a public school district, institution of higher education, Regional Education Service Center, the State Board for Educator Certification or the Arizona Education Agency. You must join/renew in the appropriate insured category in order to qualify for coverage. AZPE reserves the right to determine eligibility for the appropriate membership category. Commissioned peace officers are eligible for Professional membership only.

If you are using a web browser with an auto-fill /auto complete feature on a shared computer, please make sure the application displays your correct information before you submit your form to ensure that you receive your benefits.”

Professional Membership
Supervisor, Athletic Director/Coordinator, Athletic Trainer, At-Risk Coordinator, Audiologist, Band/Choral Director, Business Manager, Coach, Counselor, Curriculum Director, Dean of Instruction, Department Head/Chair, Diagnostician, Instructional Officer, Intern Teacher, IT, Director/Coordinator, Librarian, Nurse (RN), Parent/Community Coordinator, Assistant Principal., Regional Service Center Staff, School Psychologist/Associate, Social Worker, Teacher, Therapist/Pathologist, University Professor, Visiting Teacher, Substitute Teacher

Associate Membership
Aide to position in Professional Category, Alternative Center Aide, Bus Driver, Cafeteria Worker, Clerk—General, Computer Programmer/Entry, Custodial Worker, Deaf Interpreter, Educational Aide/Technician, Maintenance Worker, Nurse (LVN), Regional Service Center Aide, Secretary, Security Guard (Unarmed)

Student Teacher Membership

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